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We are a virtual learning community that meets once a month on the second Saturday for an engaging experience with affirmations, hands-on activities, discussion, experiments, and of course Black history lessons!

Our mission is to help black families educate their elementary-age children (K-5) about Black and African history so that they will see themselves represented, become empowered, and increase their understanding of what's possible now and in the future.

Mascot: Black Panther Colors: Purple. Gold. Black.

WE WELCOME ALL FAMILIES who value and practice centering Black bodies, voices, and experiences. 

#representationmatters #blackhistoryfamilymovement

Um, yes, please....

Our Story, Our Voices

We’re sisters who have taken on the role of teaching Black and African history to families. We think it is powerful for our children to see us in an educating role. While they still  attend public school and have had a Black teacher in their short school careers (the oldest is in fourth grade), we know that the supplemental learning they receive with other geniuses and their families is formative.

After friends and families asked to join us for a science week of experiments we shared on FB in August 2020, we started monthly Saturday Sessions in fall 2020. We even have adults who show up to support and learn. We call them Friends of Black Genius School. We're creating a village and you're invited to be part of this Black History Family Movement.

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Why Black Genius School? 

Representation Matters.



Jacquita said that with racism being “in our face” these days, it’s so important our kids know who they are.

Zion, age 7, said Black Genius School is fun. “There's more black history. Learning black history is cool and makes me feel good,” she said.

Last year Zion wanted yellow hair according to her mom, Jacquita Thornton. Since Black Genius School, she’s been asking for brown markers and affirms her looks. 

Hear from a Genius

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Deal ends Friday, September 3 at 11:59 p.m. Investment will increase after that day. 

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Enroll My Genius!

The O.G.'s: Original Geniuses

Gabriel: He’s the oldest and he loves electronics, especially computers and cell phones. Gabriel is 10 years old and is on the autism spectrum. His genius is evident in the ways he solves, reads (though he’s still learning to express himself) and overall is one step ahead of most adults. 

Levi: He’s the ham in the fam. His genius shows up in how he does math and also is creativity. His imagination is amazing! He and Gabriel are brothers.

Sarina: She’s wicked smart. She loves history and takes quizzes all the time to learn new information. Ask her about the presidents and you’ll be amazed.

I'm Ready!

“The struggle is real” when you’re trying to be intentional about enrolling and engaging in inclusive and diverse learning and social environments.

Black Genius School fostered good convo within our family. We learned during school, too. We followed one of the recommendations and we watched the movie Hidden Figures together and discussed it more.”
“I want my daughter to have strong, black women, in particular, as mentors and people to look up to. It’s so important that she can see herself represented. We’re invested and we value Black Genius School as a family.”
 Kalaba Chali, Jill Sander-Chali, and Mapalo Chali. 
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When You're Part of This Black History Family Movement...

  1. You have a starting place to begin or continue conversations with your genius about Black History. 
  2. We do the research, saving you time so you can be intentional when you engage your genius on the topics. 
  3. If there is going to screen time, it might as well be the best kind with learning and real community. 
  4. Choices. You can either participate with your genius in "live" class or watch replays. I love options. And you can decide differently month to month. 
  5. From discounts, added value, and multiple payment options, we've made this affordable. We even have some monies to support families. EMAIL US at [email protected] for support. We got you!
  6. Can't make every session? Replays keep you in the know and can be accessed any time through your parent portal. 


My family is so ready for this!