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We are a virtual learning community that meets once a month on the second Saturday for an engaging experience with affirmations, hands-on activities, discussion, experiments, and of course Black history lessons!

Our mission is to help black families educate their elementary-age children (K-5) about Black and African history so that they will see themselves represented, become empowered, and increase their understanding of what's possible now and in the future.

Mascot: Black Panther Colors: Purple. Gold. Black.

WE WELCOME ALL FAMILIES who value and practice centering Black bodies, voices, and experiences. 

#representationmatters #blackhistoryfamilymovement

Join the Class on May 14th!

Benefit 1

Start or grow your knowledge of Black History in your family

Benefit 2

Foster a positive self identify among yourself and the genius in your life

Benefit 3

Enjoy a diverse community centered around Black and Brown voices

Join one of the A la Carte classes offered this Spring!

“The struggle is real” when you’re trying to be intentional about enrolling and engaging in inclusive and diverse learning and social environments.

Black Genius School fostered good convo within our family. We learned during school, too. We followed one of the recommendations and we watched the movie Hidden Figures together and discussed it more.”
“I want my daughter to have strong, black women, in particular, as mentors and people to look up to. It’s so important that she can see herself represented. We’re invested and we value Black Genius School as a family.”
 Kalaba Chali, Jill Sander-Chali, and Mapalo Chali.

Join us on May 14th!

Our next class for Spring 2022 will take place on May 14th, we hope to see you in class!
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Join one of the A la Carte classes offered this Spring!