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We help black families educate their elementary-age children about Black and African history so that they will see themselves represented, become empowered, and increase their understanding of what's possible now and in the future.

Mascot: Black Panther Colors: Purple. Gold. Black.

We are a virtual learning community that supplements "regular" school. We meet  once a month on a Saturday. It is engaging experience with affirmations, hands-on activities and experiments, and of course Black history lessons!

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Join this Black History Family Movement 

After a science week in August, families said they wanted more. We started monthly Saturday Sessions in fall 2020. We even have adults who show up to support and learn. We call them our Elders. We're creating a village and you're invited to be part of this Black History Family Movement.


Meet the Mamas 

Hey, y'all. We're Tramaine Williams and Charity Goodwin. We're sisters living in St. Louis, MO with our geniuses. At the beginning of the pandemic, we were home with our children doing "worksheets" at the table for school. To get the children engaged, we invited them to name our table time and Black Genius School was birthed. When we made connections to Black History in their school work, they were more interested and their curiosity flourished. Friends started asking for their children to participate when we posted on FB. Now after a science week and four months of running monthly sessions, today, we're offering enrollment to you. But more than that, we are creating a Black History Family Movement of which we hope you and yours will be part. Learn more of our story here

Why Black Genius School?

Why Black History?

Why a Family Movement?

Representation Matters...



Schools Re-teach the same Black facts and figures from K-12.

MLK, Rosa Parks, and Harriet Tubman are likely taught in school. However what about Alfred Cralle, Carter G. Woodson and Marcus Garvey? In Black Genius School we introduce new people every month, adding to our geniuses wealth of knowledge. 

Geniuses can feel semi-alone as one of a few persons of color in a class.

In predominately white classrooms, geniuses may not feel supported and connected. In Black Genius School, they are surrounded by people who reflect their genius and identity. 

Black Teachers Instruct the Geniuses.

For some, aside from family, Black Genius School is the first place they have a black teacher - and that matters! The geniuses get to experience first-hand wisdom and knowledge imparted by someone who looks like them and shares their racial or ethnic voice. 

Bi-Racial, Black & International Families Need Support

Parents know that Black History is important, however they do not know where to start with teaching it. Black Genius School teaches parents along side their children and gives resources for the families to learn together at their own pace.

Internalized Racism. Some geniuses desire to be different than they are.

Internalized racism can begin early on. That's why now is the best time, in a child's formative years, for them to cultivate a positive self-identity. They are young, gifted and black. 

Creating Community with children all over the country and world.

Geniuses can form new friendships with other children in the States and beyond. We envision reaching children all over the world and building a worldwide genius network. 

Keep the Learning Going at Home

We house the replay of every session along with suggested reading, videos, and a myriad of additional content that we can't cover in our sessions. This helps parents to select content to teach or for geniuses to guide themselves. Lastly, we will have mini-assessments to gauge retention of knowledge learned. 


Parents, guardians, come together to connect, support and learn from each other. 

Welcome to the Movement 

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Zion & Jacquita

She had attended a different online school over the summer, but Zion, age 6, said Black Genius School was more fun. “There's more black history. Learning black history is cool and makes me feel good,” she said.

Last year Zion wanted yellow hair according to her mom, Jacquita Thornton. Since Black Genius School, she’s been asking for brown markers and singing No Mirrors in My Nana’s House, which we introduced during Science Week in August.
The lyrics are from a Sweet Honey in the Rock song:
“I never knew that my skin was too black.
I never knew that my nose was too flat.
I never knew that my clothes didn’t fit.
I never knew there were things that I’d missed,
cause the beauty in everything
was in her eyes (like the rising of the sun)”
Jacquita said that with racism being “in our face” these days, it’s so important our kids know who they are.

Jill Sander-Chali, Kalaba Chali and Mapalo Chali.

Jill and her husband Chali were, like many of us, trying to figure out how to work and parent from home this summer. Seeing the post for Black Genius School was a blessing, she said. She went on to share that “the struggle is real” when you’re trying to be intentional about enrolling and engaging in inclusive and diverse learning and social environments.

“I can’t say enough thank yous to the two of you. It meant alot to my daughter and to our family. Black Genius School fostered good convo within our family. We learned during school, too. We followed one of the recommendations and we watched the movie Hidden Figures together and discussed it more.”
“I want my daughter to have strong, black women, in particular, as mentors and people to look up to. It’s so important that she can see herself represented. We’re invested. and we value Black Genius School as a family.”

Welcome to the Movement 

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